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Regulatory networks orchestrated by key transcription factors (TFs) have been proposed to play a central role in the determination of stem cell states. However, the master transcriptional regulators of adult stem cells are poorly understood. We have identified two TFs, Slug and Sox9, that act cooperatively to determine the mammary stem cell (MaSC) state.(More)
PURPOSE The insulin-like growth factor (IGF) signaling system is involved in breast cancer initiation and progression. The prognostic relevance of tumor expression patterns of IGFI-related proteins remains poorly understood. This study associates the expression of selected IGF proteins with breast tumor and patient characteristics. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN(More)
BACKGROUND The oncofetal protein insulin-like growth factor II mRNA binding protein 3 (IMP3) is an important factor for cell-migration and adhesion in malignancies. Recent studies have shown a remarkable overexpression of IMP3 in different human malignant neoplasms and also revealed it as an important prognostic marker in some tumor entities. To our(More)
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