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Rips (1989) is one of the most widely cited demonstrations of the relevance of critical features in conceptual structure. A critical feature will impose constraints on how an object is classified, regardless of other factors, such as overall similarity. We review and clarify critical features proposals in terms of whether an assumption is being made about(More)
verification of the z990 superscalar, multibook microprocessor complex D. G. Bair S. M. German W. D. Wollyung E. J. Kaminski, Jr. J. Schafer M. P. Mullen W. J. Lewis R. Wisniewski J. Walter S. Mittermaier V. Vokhshoori R. J. Adkins M. Halas T. Ruane U. Hahn This paper describes the verification methods and techniques that were established to verify the(More)
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