Urs Nussbaumer

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Comparative histological studies are reported of 64 patients with malignant melanomas treated initially by surgical excision. Twelve patients were reexamined five to thirteen years later, and no metastases were evident. In 52 patients metastases clinically were diagnosed. In 22 of these patients the metastases were verified by pathologic studies. The two(More)
A first case is reported of illicit intravenous injection of pentazocine tablets recognized in a country other than the USA. The pulmonary complications of i.v. drug abuse in general and in particular the hazards of injection of aqueous suspensions of pharmaceutical preparations intended for oral consumption, with embolization of abundant insoluble foreign(More)
We present the morphological features of a case of fatal pulmonary granulomatosis from illicit intravenous injections of microcrystalline cellulose derived from pentazocine tablets. Extensive foreign body granulomas were found in the lumena and walls of pulmonary vessels and in the pulmonary interstitium. Previously unreported gaps containing foreign(More)
Among 5776 patients operated on under general anaesthesia there was an increased risk of postoperative gastro-intestinal bleeding from stress lesions among those aged over 70 years, after major surgery, or with complications such as hypovolaemia, septicaemia or respiratory failure (n = 551). In this group of patients the incidence of fatal haemorrhage was(More)
A double blind controlled study on prophylaxis of postoperative gastrointestinal bleeding from stress lesions was performed. Both tragant sulfate, a pepsin inhibitor, and deglycyrrhizinized liquorice extract proved to be without prophylactic effect.
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