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The minor branch of the tritocerebral commissure of the locust,Locusta migratoria, contains only two axons which are from interneurons in the brain descending to the ventral cord ganglia. The smaller of these two neurons, the tritocerebral commissure dwarf (TCD), is immunoreactive to GABA, suggesting that it may be an inhibitory interneuron. We have(More)
1. Group III metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluRs) of the subtype 4a are localized within presynaptic active zones of cerebellar parallel fibre (PF)-Purkinje cell (PC) synapses. In order to investigate the conditions necessary for group III mGluR autoreceptor-activation by synaptically released glutamate, we characterized the effects of selective(More)
A new AMPA receptor antagonist, Ro 48-8587, was characterized pharmacologically in vitro. It is highly potent and selective for AMPA receptors as shown by its effects on [3H]AMPA, [3H] kainate, and [3H] MK-801 binding to rat brain membranes and on AMPA- or NMDA-induced depolarization in rat cortical wedges. [3H]Ro 48-8587 bound with a high affinity (KD = 3(More)
Multiunit activity was recorded simultaneously in the substantia nigra pars compacta, the pyramidal layer of the hippocampus dorsalis CA 1 area, the nucleus locus coeruleus and the nucleus raphé dorsalis of encéphale isolé rats; drugs were injected intravenously in increasing doses. Chlordiazepoxide decreased multiunit activity dose-dependently to a similar(More)
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