Uros Kalabic

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— We develop nonlinear reference governor and nonlinear model predictive control schemes for constrained spacecraft attitude control. The schemes use the nonlinear discrete-time model of spacecraft dynamics based on the Lie group variational integrator evolving on SO(3) × SO(3). The reference governor is a computationally simpler add-on to the nominal(More)
— Recently, a reference governor and a nonlinear model predictive control approach for constrained spacecraft attitude control on SO(3) were proposed in [9]. In this paper, we develop a fast solver for the nonlinear model predictive controller in [9]. The approach is based on a numerical solution of the necessary conditions for optimality resulting from a(More)
— We propose a Model Predictive Control (MPC) policy for simultaneous station keeping and momentum management of a low-thrust nadir-pointing satellite in geostationary orbit around the Earth. The satellite is equipped with six electrically powered thrusters and three axisymmetric reaction wheels, which must be coordinated to control the satellite's orbital(More)