Uros Damnjanovic

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Daily increase in the number of available video material resulted in significant research efforts for development of advanced content management systems. First step towards the semantic based video indexing and retrieval is a detection of elementary video structures. In this paper we present the algorithm for finding shot boundaries by using spectral(More)
The target of surveillance summarization is to identify high-value information events in a video stream and to present it to a user. In this paper we present surveillance summarization approach using detection and clustering of important events. Assuming that events are main source of energy change between consecutive frames set of interesting frames is(More)
In this paper, the method used for Rushes Summarization task by the COST 292 consortium is reported. The approach proposed this year differs significantly from the one proposed in the previous years because of the introduction of new processing steps, like repetition detection in scenes. The method starts with junk frames removal and follows with clustering(More)
In this paper we present a project of creating a web based interactive encyclopedia of historical knowledge related to the history of the religions , the Bible and the history in general. The main source of information in the project is a film made by the Israel Museum that accompanies the exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls the oldest remaining copies of(More)
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