Uroš Tkalec

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Tying knots and linking microscopic loops of polymers, macromolecules, or defect lines in complex materials is a challenging task for material scientists. We demonstrate the knotting of microscopic topological defect lines in chiral nematic liquid-crystal colloids into knots and links of arbitrary complexity by using laser tweezers as a micromanipulation(More)
The ability to generate regular spatial arrangements of particles is an important technological and fundamental aspect of colloidal science. We showed that colloidal particles confined to a few-micrometer-thick layer of a nematic liquid crystal form two-dimensional crystal structures that are bound by topological defects. Two basic crystalline structures(More)
It has been predicted, but never confirmed, that colloidal particles in a nematic liquid crystal could be self-assembled by delocalized topological defects and entangled disclinations. We show experimentally and theoretically that colloidal dimers and 1D structures bound by entangled topological defect loops can indeed be created by locally thermally(More)
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