Urmila Senapati

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A 50-year-old male attended outpatients department with complaints of irritation, foreign body sensation and mild redness in his right eye. On examination a conjunctival nodule was found with localised inflammation. All investigations were normal. Surgical excision of the nodule was contemplated. During local dressing a live tapeworm about 20 cm in length(More)
Introduction:-In the cancer research field, vitamin D has emerged as the most prolific topic in the last decade with work connecting it with risk reduction in various epithelial cancers. The role of vitamin D with histological type and hormone receptor status of breast cancer is particularly controversial. Materials and Methods :58 diagnosed cases of(More)
A detailed study of Na affinities of a series of para-substituted acetophenones and their O–Na counterparts has been carried out using density functional theory by B3LYP method using 6-311G(d,p) basis set with complete geometry optimization in the relevant excited state. The gas phase O–Na complex formation is exothermic and the local stereochemical(More)
Background: Pancytopenia is a common hematological problem in clinical practice. It is not by itself a specific disease but a triad of hematological findings resulting from number of disease processes involving the bone marrow. The severity and the underlying pathology of pancytopenia determines the management and prognosis of the patient. The present study(More)
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