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OBJECTIVE To determine whether the antidote for acetaminophen poisoning, N-acetylcysteine, administered to pregnant women with acetaminophen toxicity, crosses the placenta and can be measured in the newborn circulation following delivery. DESIGN Over a 15-month period, four pregnant women with acetaminophen toxicity, who delivered their infants while(More)
A well controlled double blind prospective trial was undertaken to determine the efficacy of mefenamic acid in the treatment of menorrhagia. Eighty patients who had unexplained cyclical menorrhagia with secretory endometrium received mefenamic acid orally in a dose of 500 mg 8 hourly or a placebo tablet thrice daily starting from day-one of the cycle for 5(More)
A total of 140 patients underwent emergency obstetric hysterectomy at Smt Sucheta Kriplani Hospital, New Delhi, India, over a 15-year period between 1976 to 1990. Rupture of uterus and obstetric hemorrhage were two major indications for obstetric hysterectomy. Maternal mortality occurred in 18 i.e. 12.8% of the cases. Hemorrhage was leading cause of(More)
Growth of exclusively breastfed 126 normal newborns in urban slums and those delivered at Nehru Hospital, Medical College, Gorakhpur were studied upto six months of age. The average weight of both boys and girls was almost equivalent to the 25th percentile of NCHS standard upto 3 months but fell below these standards thereafter. The average length in both(More)
The 6-Min Walk Test (6MWT) is a simple tool for the evaluation of functional exercise capacity, which reflects the capacity of the individual to perform activities of daily living. 1,2 Demographic, anthropometric, clinical, and physiological characteristics can affect the test performance in healthy elderly subjects and in patients with cardiopulmonary(More)
A six-year-old female patient presenting with a swelling in the infraumbilical part of the abdomen, bulging out on straining, was diagnosed to have pseudoexstrophy bladder. The urinary tract was normal. The patient had bifid clitoris. There was no other associated malformation. Surgical repair of abdominal wall defect was done successfully. A new(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Exercise-induced desaturation (EID) is associated with increased mortality in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). However, the relationship of EID with anthropometric and clinical parameters of resting pulmonary function test and six-minute walk test (6MWT) in COPD remains unclear. The study was designed to assess the(More)
The present analytic study was planned to study the impact of overweight and obesity on glucose tolerance in adolescents. Thirty overweight (BMI analogue  ≥  25-29.9 kg/m(2)) and 30 obese (BMI analogue  ≥ 30 kg/m(2)) adolescents were included as cases and 30 healthy age and sex matched adolescents comprised the control group. All the study participants were(More)
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