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Colorectal adenocarcinoma originating in intestinal glandular structures is the most common form of colon cancer. In clinical practice, the morphology of intestinal glands, including architectural appearance and glandular formation, is used by pathologists to inform prognosis and plan the treatment of individual patients. However, achieving good(More)
Two trials were conducted to evaluate the influence of virginiamycin supplementation on growth performance and digestive function. In trial 1, 144 Holstein steer calves (119 kg of initial BW) were used in a 340-d trial. Treatments were (DM basis) 1) control (no antibiotic); 2) 16 mg/kg of virginiamycin; 3) 22.5 mg/kg of virginiamycin; and 4) 28 mg/kg of(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE In Chile, approximately one in three children under 6 years of age reported overweight/obese, while one in four children in elementary school suffer from obesity. There is a paucity of population-based information on the influence of childhood eating behavior on anthropometric measures related to obesity. To assess the association(More)
85 confirmed gas gangrene cases from general hospitals where hyperbaric oxygen chambers with single or multiple places are available were reviewed. The diagnosis was made on the basic of muscle necrosis with the characteristic color and odor of the wound, and suggestive clinical and bacteriological findings. The treatment consisted on surgical excision,(More)
We studied the adsorption of sodium fluoride, ammonium fluoride, tin fluoride and sodium monofluorophosphate to synthetic hydroxiapatite in function of the pH (pH 4.7, 5.5 and 6.1). In two models; in a first model was eluted the fluorides of the hydroxiapatite column with artificial saliva; in the second model were incubated the fluoride with bufferized(More)