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Studies in transgenic mice revealed that neurodegeneration induced by scrapie prion (PrP(Sc)) propagation is dependent on neuronal expression of the cellular prion protein PrP(C). On the other hand, there is evidence that PrP(C) itself has a stress-protective activity. Here, we show that the toxic activity of PrP(Sc) and the protective activity of PrP(C)(More)
Myosin VI, found in organisms from Caenorhabditis elegans to humans, is essential for auditory and vestibular function in mammals, since genetic mutations lead to hearing impairment and vestibular dysfunction in both humans and mice. Here, we show that a missense mutation in this molecular motor in an ENU-generated mouse model, Tailchaser, disrupts myosin(More)
Auditory neuropathy is a particular type of hearing impairment in which neural transmission of the auditory signal is impaired, while cochlear outer hair cells remain functional. Here we report on DFNB59, a newly identified gene on chromosome 2q31.1-q31.3 mutated in four families segregating autosomal recessive auditory neuropathy. DFNB59 encodes pejvakin,(More)
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