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Images of Monasticism: The Temple Stay Program and the Re-branding of Korean Buddhist Temples
The temple stay program is a new and prominent Korean tourist attraction in which visitors are invited to many of the major Buddhist monasteries throughout the country to stay for a couple of daysExpand
Developing Geothermal Power Plants for Geothermal Fields in Western Turkey
In this study, characteristics of geothermal resources in Western Turkey are presented, and their influence on the performance of power plants is described. The performance of existing single flash,Expand
Organic Rankine Cycle Configurations
In the last two decades the binary power plant, utilizing the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), has become a preferred means of exploiting low to moderate enthalpy geothermal resources. It has been widelyExpand
From the Tea to the Coffee Ceremony: Modernizing Buddhist Material Culture in Contemporary Korea
Abstract Tea has been associated with East Asian Buddhism at least since the eighth-century. Buddhist monks were involved in cultivating, selling, and transporting tea from its birthplace in southernExpand
Rebuilding the "Eastern Country of Ritual Propriety": Decorum Camps, Sŏwŏn Stays, and the Confucian Revival in Contemporary Korea
ABSTRACT:Amidst the widespread recent academic interest in the Confucian revival in contemporary China, it is easy to miss comparable developments taking place in neighboring South Korea. Through anExpand
Assembling the Laity: Standardizing Lay Buddhist Affiliation via Education in Contemporary Korea
Abstract: This paper discusses the new system of lay Buddhist education revolutionizing the Chogye Order of Korean Buddhism in the twenty-first century. Already involving over a half a millionExpand
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Evaporative Cooling Enhancement at the Steamboat Complex and Condenser Performance Research and Development Efforts
Preliminary results from testing that took place through the peak summer months at the Galena III Power Plant facility in Reno, Nev. to develop a new Evaporative Cooling Enhancement system aimed atExpand