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Most cases of blunt hepatic trauma are treated nowadays non-operatively. This type of conservative treatment has resulted in increased complication rate. Delayed complications occur in cases that didn't require surgical intervention during the first 24 hours. The most common late complication is hemorrhage. We report a case of two weeks delayed hemorrhage(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the changes in accommodation amplitude in cases with pseudoexfoliation. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-nine eyes having pseudoexfoliation and 37 normal eyes aged between 40-60 years were included in the study. After ophthalmic examination, accommodation amplitude was measured using Powerrefractor II. Besides, axial length, anterior(More)
Chronic groin pain appears in athletes with a diverse etiology. In a select few, it can be defined as a sportsman’s hernia, that may be related, among other pathologies, to weakness of the posterior inguinal wall and may successfully respond to surgery. Surgical repair of the sportsman’s hernia is associated with good functional outcomes, if the diagnosis(More)
BACKGROUND Air embolism is a relatively rare complication of thoracoscopic surgery. METHODS Open supraclavicular sympathectomy was indicated to overcome the risk of re-embolization. A novel video-assisted technique was performed. conclusions: The previously prevalent open supraclavicular sympathectomy is a good choice for avoiding air embolism.(More)
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