Uri Iurgel

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This paper presents an image and video indexing approach that combines face detection and face recognition methods. Images of a database or frames of a video sequence are scanned for faces by a Neural Network-based face detector. The extracted faces are then grouped into clusters by a combination of a face recognition method using pseudo two-dimensional(More)
This paper presents two new real-time approaches to segmentation of TV news shows into topics. The goal of this research work is the high precision retrieval of topics from TV news. For that purpose, the detection of correct topic boundaries is of great importance. We introduce a stochastic and a rule-based topic model based on HMMs. The former combines(More)
This paper presents a system that shall automatically scan multi-media data like TV or radio broadcasts for the presence of specific topics and, whenever topics of users' interests are detected, alert the related user. Our current work on the three main modules of the system will be shown. (1) The speech recognition system (with 18.7 % WER) is already among(More)
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