Uri Eliyahu

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A relation exists between high altitude exposure and a hypercoagulable state, the nature of which is not entirely clear. This has been mostly reported in mountain climbers. We report a 19-yr-old female, working as a high-altitude chamber instructor, who presented with severe frontal headaches which persisted for a month following routine high altitude(More)
BACKGROUND Homeopathy has the potential to reduce symptoms related to cancer treatment. The present study examined the feasibility of a homeopathic consultation and treatment program, provided as part of an integrative oncology service. METHODS The electronic medical files of patients undergoing a homeopathic consultation in an integrative oncology(More)
Introduction The common practice in the Israel Defense Force is that all exertional heat related injuries victims undergo a heat tolerance test (HTT) as a part of the "return to duty" process. The purpose of this study was to develop a quantitative, supportive physiological index for the assessment of the HTT based on the understanding that heat strain(More)
Sleep-deprived individuals appear to have decreased psychological and physical capabilities. Studies have shown how major psychological aspects, such as alertness, complex mental performance, and memory, are strongly affected by sleep deprivation. Military use of psychostimulants dates back many years, especially in units that operate over long hours and(More)
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