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Caterpillars are soft-bodied animals. They have a relatively simple nervous system, and yet are capable of exhibiting complex movement. This paper presents a 2D caterpillar simulation which mimics caterpillar locomotion using Assur tensegrity structures. Tensegrity structures are structures composed of a set of elements always under compression and a set of(More)
Jumping is one among successful locomotion gaits for small scale robots to overcome obstacles and traverse rough terrains. Design of a jumping robot features many engineering challenges; some of them may be solved by seeking inspiration and solutions in nature. This paper entails the conceptual and detailed design of TAUB, a miniature jumping robot whose(More)
The focus of this work is the development of a master tactile display unit, that can control a slave gripper and display to the operator the slip/shear developed between the gripper and the held object in the slave unit. Unlike previous slip/shear tactile displays, this unit is designed especially for grasping tasks to deliver large forces that are typical(More)
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