Urbano Gómez

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The delay between air flow and gas concentration signals is generally assumed to be constant within a breath as well as from breath to breath, but it was not possible to examine the constancy of the delay with the delay determination techniques so far available. Thus we developed new methods for respiratory phase detection and delay determination. The(More)
Ultrafast electron diffraction (UED) has been developed to study transient structures in complex chemical reactions initiated with femtosecond laser pulses. This direct imaging of reactions was achieved using our third-generation apparatus equipped with an electron pulse (1.07 +/- 0.27 picoseconds) source, a charge-coupled device camera, and a mass(More)
This paper presents two proposals for the analysis of the complexity of the Cyber security Ecosystem of Colombia (CEC). This analysis shows the available knowledge about entities engaged in cyber security in Colombia and the relationships between them, which allow an understanding of the synergy between the different existing components. The complexity of(More)
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