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A wearable computer equipped with a head-mounted display allows its user to receive notifications and advice that is readily visible in her field of view. While needless interruption of the user should be avoided, there are times when the information is of such importance that it must demand the user's attention. As the user is mobile and likely interacts(More)
An important part of making a wearable computer unobtrusive is the user interface and the way it interrupts the user. The amount of interruption that have to be made on the users primary task should be minimized. Usage without interruption is of course best for the performance of the primary task but is often not possible as many tasks that the wearable(More)
This report describes a redesign of a process modeling program, reMind. The new design, called reMind+, is presented and evaluated from a usability perspective. reMind lets the user model an industrial process by using a graphical user interface. The model is defined by a node-link diagram, and it is possible to add functions to the nodes. This model is(More)
This project addresses whether ideas from Quality Function Deployment (QFD) are applicable to software development projects. I have used a software development strategy inspired by QFD named QuickDev and the traditional Software development life cycle (SDLC) model of software development. The QuickDev 'development' strategy is a model for a project with: 1.(More)
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