Urban J Scheuring

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BACKGROUND Previously, we showed that glioma pathogenesis related protein (GliPR) is induced in CEM T cells upon HIV-1 infection in vitro. To examine whether GliPR plays a role as HIV dependency factor (HDF), we tested the effect of GliPR suppression by siRNA on HIV-1 replication. RESULTS Induction of GliPR expression by HIV-1 was confirmed in P4-CCR5(More)
It has been shown that the addition of a beta-adrenergic catecholamine to a trout red blood cell suspension induces a 60-100-fold increase of sodium permeability resulting from the activation of a cAMP-dependent Na+/H+ antiport. Subsequent addition of propranolol almost instantaneously reduces the intracellular cAMP concentration, and thus the Na(More)
Using a panel of monoclonal antibodies, it has previously been demonstrated that the cytosol of nucleated red cells (trout and turkey) contains a protein similar to arrestin, a soluble protein found so far only in the photosensitive cells and which, by binding to photoexcited rhodopsin, inhibits the phototransduction process. The role of this arrestin-like(More)
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