Urbain J. G. M. van Haelst

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Morphological and biochemical studies were performed on a brain biopsy from a patient with typical Lafora disease. Qualitative morphological investigation of the cortex showed that the Lafora bodies were most abundant in layers III and V of the cerebral cortex. They were exclusively located in the neurons and their processes. Quantitative morphological(More)
Peripheral lymphocytes of 6 patients with late-infantile amaurotic idiocy were examined with the electron microscope for the occurrence of curvilinear bodies and fingerprint structures. In 3 of the patients predominantly curvilinear bodies were found; in 1 case they contained some fingerprint profiles. In the remaining 3 patients curvilinear bodies were(More)
Two maternal cousins are described with the connatal form of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease (PMD) and congenital stridor. Study of brain biopsy material confirms the diagnosis of PMD. The neuropathological findings are suggestive for the transitional form of this disease. Quantitative morphology gives support to the hypothesis that PMD is a disturbance in(More)
A patient had the clinical and neuropathologic signs of Lafora's disease. Skin biopsy specimens from the midcalf area confirmed earlier findings by showing numerous periodic acid-Schiff-positive inclusion bodies in eccrine sweat gland duct cells. In our patient, however, inclusion bodies were more abundantly present in the apocrine sweat gland duct cells of(More)
Glutathione S-transferases (GSTs) are enzymes involved in the detoxification of xenobiotics and are divided into four subclasses. Alpha, Mu, Pi and Theta. Most human gastrointestinal tumors contain increased amounts of GST Pi. In order to compare data on the expression of GSTs obtained by biochemical as well as immunohistochemical methods, we characterized(More)
Lymphocytes of the peripheral blood of 31 patients with juvenile amaurotic idiocy (juvenile form of ceroid lipofuscinosis) were examined with the electron microscope. In all cases, intracytoplasmic clear vacuoles were present, containing round hollow, fingerprint and highly electron dense structures. The combination of these structures, not necessarily in(More)
Hemihepatectomy along with portal vein or hepatic artery replacement in dogs was well tolerated, but combined with replacement of both vessels it was lethal because of outflow block and shock. Total liver blood flow should be kept as high as possible during such procedures in man.
In this study we present a patient with Canavan disease or Van Bogaert and Bertrand type of spongiform leukodystrophy, proven by brain biopsy. We performed morphological studies and biochemical assays on fresh homogenates of the grey and white matter. Quantitative neuromorphological analysis of the cortex showed normal values except for poor dendritic(More)
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