Urania Marcelou-Kinti

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Hundred strains of fungi were isolated from 48 packets of Greek cigarettes. They were:Aspergillus (28 strains),Penicillium (22),Mucor (18),Alternaria (14),Cladosporium (1),Streptomyces (4),Candida (11) andGeotrichum (2). From 55 packets of cigarettes manufactured outside of Greece other 100 strains of fungi were isolated and identified asAspergillus(More)
The age and seasonal incidence of 2610 patients with pityriasis versicolor in Greece were studied. Determination of the pH of Na and K ions of the sweat and the microbiol flora of the skin of pityriasis versicolor patients was undertaken. Besides these the effectiveness of a 1% selenium disulfid suspension was tested. The results indicate that the age(More)
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