Urachada Ketprom

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— An RFID system consists of an RFID reader, a server connected to a database, and RFID tags attached to the objects needed to be identified. We are interested in the case where two tags are needed to be simultaneously scanned in a reader's field, for which many protocols have been proposed in literature. They however are all insecure for the special case,(More)
— In a radio frequency identification (RFID) system, when more than one tag communicates with the reader at the same time, a collision will occur, resulting in the failure of that communication. Many anti-collision algorithms, such as Binary Tree (BT), FSA, and DFSA, have been used in ISO and EPC standards to prevent such a collision. This paper develops a(More)
— A collision occurs when more than two tags present in the reader's field of a radio frequency identification (RFID) system. Many anti-collision algorithms (e.g., Binary Tree, FSA, and DFSA) have been employed in ISO and EPC standards to prevent such a collision. This paper proposes a new anti-collision algorithm based on a-priori information about the(More)
We present a numerical technique to simulate the propagation characteristics of an on-off-keyed modulated optical signal through fog. The on-off-keyed modulated light (a square wave) is decomposed into a finite number of harmonic components, and a numerical solution for the vector radiative transfer equation is obtained for each harmonic that corresponds to(More)
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