Upul Bandara

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In a ubiquitous computing environment, location awareness is a basic necessity. There are various research projects, which discuss the problem of indoor location sensing. We have recognized acceptability, low power consumption, and cost as the key design factors for developing widely deployable location sensing systems. As a good candidate technology that(More)
Plagiarism and copyright infringement are major problems in academic and corporate environments. Importance of source code authorship attribution arises as it is the starting point of detection for plagiarism, copyright infringement and law suit prosecution etc. There have been many research regard to this topic. Majority of these researches are based on(More)
The ACM DEBS Grand Challenge 2017 focuses on anomaly detection of manufacturing equipment. The goal of the challenge is to detect abnormal behavior of a manufacturing machine based on the observations of the stream of measurements provided. The data produced by each sensor is clustered and the state transitions between the observed clusters are modeled as a(More)
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