Uprichard Jackson

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Mitochondrial myopathy is characterized by weakness, exercise intolerance, and acidosis. Pregnancy has been reported to accelerate the disease process. This report discusses pregnancy and management of labor complicated by mitochondrial myopathy and the therapeutic dilemmas that arise when preeclampsia is diagnosed.
External cephalic version has been used periodically for centuries to manage breech presentations. As cesarean section rates have escalated in the last two decades, ways to curb this rise have been evaluated. By reducing the number of infants that arrive in labor in a malpresentation, it is possible to impact the overall cesarean section rate. External(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the correlation between placental histopathology findings and perinatal outcome in preterm infants. METHODS Placental histopathology in 774 neonates delivered at 24-32 weeks between 1992 and 2000 was classified as follows: 254 (33%) had histological chorioamnionitis, 263 (34%) had coagulation-related lesions, 228 (30%) had(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate risk factors, placental and pathologic determinants of stillbirths. METHODS A retrospective analysis of stillbirths > or = 25 weeks was performed. Clinical data was compared to a randomized control group. Statistical analysis included chi square test, student t test, and logistic regression. RESULTS One hundred and fifteen(More)
The first case of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) in pregnancy is reported. The patient, a drug addict, presented with lymphadenopathy, pulmonary infiltrates, and skin lesions of Kaposi's sarcoma, a tumor rarely found in young women in this country. The helper T-lymphocyte to suppressor T-lymphocyte ratio showed the profound inversion(More)
The concept of « prediabetes » arose /rom the observation of obstetrical phenomena that occurred in the years before women became overtly diabetic, as has already been discussed in this journal ~~3. The definition and use of the term has become extremely controversial, and merits some reconsideration here. « Prediabetes » means « before diabetes »; thus(More)
Many newborn infants of diabetic women look alike members o/ one big, overfed, /at, ruddy, bloated, contented family. FARQUHAR ~ said: <~They convey a distinct impression o/having had such a surfeit o/ both food and fluid pressed upon them by an insistent hostess that they desire only peace so that they may recover from their excesses. And on the second day(More)
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