Uppuluri Venkata Mallavadhani

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A series of seventeen novel analogs of ursolic and oleanolic acid were synthesized (60–98 %), and evaluated for their anti-cancer potential against a panel of eight human cancer cell lines. Compounds (3–10) showed comparable or better activities than their respective parent compounds against SiHa and HeLa (Cervix), A-549 (Lung), and IMR-32 (Neuroblastoma)(More)
As a part of our program to generate some novel flavonoid frameworks substituted with higher alkyl groups as possible antimicrobial agents, we have in total synthesized twelve novel chalcones (11–16) and their corresponding flavanones (17–22) substituted with either nonyl or dodecyl chains in ring B in very good to excellent yields. The synthesized(More)
Myrrhanone C [8(R)-3-oxo-8-hydroxypolypoda-13E,17E,21-triene], a bicyclic triterpene isolated from the gum resin of Commiphora mukul, has been chemically transformed to synthesize a series of ten novel pyrimidine hybrids in good to excellent yields. The synthesized compounds (2–22) were evaluated for their anticancer potential against a panel of six cancer(More)
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