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A Nearest Neighbor Bootstrap For Resampling Hydrologic Time Series
A nonparametric method for resampling scalar or vector-valued time series is introduced. Multivariate nearest neighbor probability density estimation provides the basis for the resampling scheme
A k‐nearest‐neighbor simulator for daily precipitation and other weather variables
A multivariate, nonparametric time series simulation method is provided to generate random sequences of daily weather variables that "honor" the statistical properties of the historical data of the
A rainwater harvesting system reliability model based on nonparametric stochastic rainfall generator.
Summary The reliability with which harvested rainwater can be used as a means of flushing toilets, irrigating gardens, and topping off air-conditioner serving multifamily residential buildings in New
Multi-variate flood damage assessment: a tree-based data-mining approach
It is shown that these models outperform existing models, and that tree-structured models are a promising alternative to traditional damage models.
Water and economic development : The role of variability and a framework for resilience
The article advances the hypothesis that the seasonal and inter-annual variability of rainfall is a significant and measurable factor in the economic development of nations. An analysis of global
A stochastic nonparametric technique for space‐time disaggregation of streamflows
A K-nearest-neighbor approach to resample monthly flows conditioned on an annual value in a temporal disaggregation or multiple upstream locations conditioned on a downstream location for a spatial disaggregation is presented.
Seasonal to interannual ensemble streamflow forecasts for Ceara
[1] A semiparametric approach for forecasting streamflow at multiple gaging locations on a river network conditional on climate precursors is developed. The strategy considers statistical forecasts
Floods in a changing climate: Does the past represent the future?
Hydrologists have traditionally assumed that the annual maximum flood process at a location is independent and identically distributed. While nonstationarities in the flood process due to land use
Streamflow simulation: A nonparametric approach
In this paper kernel estimates of the joint and conditional probability density functions are used to generate synthetic streamflow sequences. Streamflow is assumed to be a Markov process with time
Flood Risks and Impacts: A Case Study of Thailand’s Floods in 2011 and Research Questions for Supply Chain Decision Making
Abstract This paper investigates the impact of floods on the global economy through supply chains, and proposes measures for the related supply chain risk. We examine Thailand’s 2011 flood since it