Upendra Kumar Singh

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Monoterpenes, which are among the major components of plant essential oils, are known for their ecological roles as well for pharmaceutical properties. Geraniol, an acyclic monoterpene induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis/senescence in various cancer cells and plants; however, the genes involved in the process and the underlying molecular mechanisms are(More)
Fertilizer management should consider optimum time, rates and methods of application to increase use efficiency and crop yield. We conducted field experiments at Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh, to investigate the effects of deep placement of urea briquettes (UB) and NPK briquettes (NPK) compared to broadcast prilled urea (PU) at different N(More)
Optimum nitrogen rates and methods of application increase crop productivity and farm income while reducing negative environmental effects. Field experiments were conducted during four consecutive rice growing seasons in 2012–2013 to determine the effects of different N rates and methods of fertilizer application on floodwater ammonium concentration, rice(More)
Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) are applications that collect data from a system in order to automate the monitoring and controlling of its activities. Several industrial fields such as, electric utilities, water supplies and buildings' facilities have already adopted SCADA systems to increase the efficiency and reduce cost. However, the IT(More)
A mobile ad-hoc network is a decentralized network. It is a group of mobile nodes that are dynamically and arbitrarily located in such a manner that the interconnections between nodes are capable of changing on continual basis. In mobile ad-hoc network there are so many attacks. In this paper we are focus black holes attack. TAODV is a secure routing(More)
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  • 2013
Indian pharmaceutical sector is rising very rapidly and there is a want of regulatory affairs professionals to provide the current needs of industries for the global competition. A regulatory affair is a somewhat new profession which has developed from the desire of governments to defend public health. The areas where government controlling the safety and(More)