Upendra Kumar Singh

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IEEE802.11 wireless networks have become one of the most widely used networks as users can connect and access the required information anytime and anywhere. Due to open nature of wireless medium, there are many security issues associated with them. In the present work an experimental analysis to study the impact of transmission power of access point on the(More)
Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) are applications that collect data from a system in order to automate the monitoring and controlling of its activities. Several industrial fields such as, electric utilities, water supplies and buildings' facilities have already adopted SCADA systems to increase the efficiency and reduce cost. However, the IT(More)
This paper addresses the classification of different ranges of Ballistic Missiles (BM) for air defense applications using Hidden Markov Model (HMM). The classification is based on kinematic attributes like specific energy, acceleration, altitude and velocity which in-turn are acquired by radars. To meet the conflicting requirements of classifying short as(More)
In this paper we outline a novel method for classifying ballistic as well as quasi-ballistic missiles using real-time neural network. Fast classification time plays a stellar role for early and prompt action in air-defense scenario. In-order to get the trajectory information of the missile we initially use simulated radar measurements and for final(More)
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