Upasana Singh

Anil Grover2
Amanjot Singh2
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BACKGROUND ClpB-cyt/HSP100 protein acts as chaperone, mediating disaggregation of denatured proteins. Previous studies have shown that ClpB-cyt/HSP100 gene belongs to the group class I Clp ATPase proteins and ClpB-cyt/HSP100 transcript is regulated by heat stress and developmental cues. RESULTS Nine ORFs were noted to constitute rice class I Clp ATPases(More)
BACKGROUND Plant glycine-rich RNA binding proteins have been implicated to have roles in diverse abiotic stresses. FINDINGS E. coli M15 cells transformed with full-length rice glycine-rich RNA binding protein4 (OsGR-RBP4), truncated rice glycine-rich RNA binding protein4 (OsGR-RBP4ΔC) and rice FK506 binding protein (OsFKBP20) were analyzed for growth(More)
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