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ClpB-cyt/HSP100 protein acts as chaperone, mediating disaggregation of denatured proteins. Previous studies have shown that ClpB-cyt/HSP100 gene belongs to the group class I Clp ATPase proteins and ClpB-cyt/HSP100 transcript is regulated by heat stress and developmental cues. Nine ORFs were noted to constitute rice class I Clp ATPases in the following(More)
Plant glycine-rich RNA binding proteins have been implicated to have roles in diverse abiotic stresses. E. coli M15 cells transformed with full-length rice glycine-rich RNA binding protein4 (OsGR-RBP4), truncated rice glycine-rich RNA binding protein4 (OsGR-RBP4ΔC) and rice FK506 binding protein (OsFKBP20) were analyzed for growth profiles using both broth(More)
— Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (VANET) is an emerging area of wireless networks which allows vehicles to communicate enabling Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Immense amount of research is going on both by industry and academia. In vehicular communication there occurs frequent handover because of the high speed of vehicles and hence there is always a(More)
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