Upasana Sharma

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While wireless sensor networks are increasingly equipped to handle more complicated functions, these battery powered sensors which used in network processing, use their constrained energy to enhance the lifetime of the network especially in a heterogeneous settings. Clustered techniques have since been employed to optimize energy consumption in this energy(More)
––A mobile ad-hoc sensor network usually consists of large number of sensor nodes (stationary or mobile) deployed over an area to be monitored. Each sensor node is a self-contained, battery-powered device that is capable of sensing, communication and some level of computation and data processing. Due to the large amount usage of sensors in the network, it(More)
has rightly remarked it as an excellent attempt by the authors in bringing out this self care booklet for caregivers of bedridden patients. With increased life expectancy, the percentage of elderly population will significantly increase in India. Bringing out such a book was need of the hour because many such elderly patients remain bedridden. Bedsores(More)
Link Prediction is very important aspect of Social Network Analysis. Many popular applications like Facebook and LinkedIn are using Link Prediction as its feature. In the co-authorship network, we are interested in Link Prediction for Scholar Social Networks. Associations among the researchers from the network of links which can be termed as co-authorship(More)
Recently, mobile collector or sink mobility has become an important research topic in WSNs. Data collector mobility can improve the performance of WSNs. Mobile sinks are mounted on some vehicles, animals or people moving randomly to collect information sensed by the sensor nodes where the data sink trajectories are changing or random. In the scenarios where(More)
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