Upakarasamy Lourderaj

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The interface for VENUS and NWChem, and the resulting software package for direct dynamics simulations are described. The coupling of the two codes is considered to be a tight coupling since the two codes are compiled and linked together and act as one executable with data being passed between the two codes through routine calls. The advantages of this type(More)
Anion-molecule nucleophilic substitution (S(N)2) reactions are known for their rich reaction dynamics, caused by a complex potential energy surface with a submerged barrier and by weak coupling of the relevant rotational-vibrational quantum states. The dynamics of the S(N)2 reaction of Cl- + CH3I were uncovered in detail by using crossed molecular beam(More)
Force evaluation is the most computationally intensive part in a chemical dynamics simulation, and hence most parallel simulation algorithms choose the force calculation as the main target for parallelization. The majority of existing parallel algorithms assume a uniform force-evaluation cost for all atom pairs. For dynamics with considerable bonded(More)
Direct dynamics simulations were performed at the HF/6-31G level of theory to investigate the intramolecular and unimolecuar dynamics of the twist-boat (TB) intermediate on the cyclohexane potential energy surface (PES). Additional calculations were performed at the MP2/aug-cc-pVDZ level of theory to further characterize the PES's stationary points. The(More)
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