Unyime O. Nseyo

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PURPOSE We compared hexaminolevulinate fluorescence cystoscopy with white light cystoscopy for detecting Ta and T1 papillary lesions in patients with bladder cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the predictive value of an empirically derived equation for identifying patients with clinically localized prostate cancer at low and high risk for harboring occult lymph node(More)
UNLABELLED In a multicentre study from the USA, 3-year results of the high-power KTP laser prostatectomy are presented. The authors used preoperative PSA level as a marker of prostate volume and(More)
Testosterone acts directly at androgen receptors and also exerts potent actions following 5α-reduction to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Finasteride (type II 5α-reductase inhibitor) lowers DHT and is(More)
PURPOSE Photodynamic therapy combines a photosensitizer, such as porfimer sodium (Photofrin), with red laser light (630 nm.) to destroy cancer cells. Investigators have reported the effectiveness of(More)