Unnikrishnan Ravindranathan

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We describe current efforts and developments building on our proposal for an XML log standard format for digital library (DL) logging analysis and companion tools. Focus is given to the evolution of formats and tools, based on analysis of deployment in several DL systems and testbeds. Recent development of analysis tools also is discussed.
Archaeologists have to deal with vast quantities of information, generated both in the field and laboratory. That information is heterogeneous in nature, and different projects have their own systems to store and use it. This adds to the challenges regarding collaborative research between such projects as well as information retrieval for other more general(More)
Information systems used in archaeology have several needs: interoperability among heterogeneous systems, making information available without significant delay, long-term preservation of data, and providing a suite of services to users. In this paper, we show how digital library techniques can be employed to provide solutions to three of these problems. We(More)
Archaeological research results in the generation of large quantities of heterogeneous information managed by different projects using custom information systems. We will demonstrate a prototype Digital Library (DL) for integrating and managing archaeological data and providing services useful to various user communities ETANA--DL is a model--based,(More)
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