Unnikrishnan R Nair

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Intravascular catheter-related infections (CRI) account for one third of nosocomial bloodstream infections in England. UK Department of Health guidelines state that antibiotic prophylaxis is not required during placement, or use of, central venous catheters, to prevent CRI. However, some clinicians continue to use antibiotics in an attempt to prevent CRI.(More)
Wound complications are a well-recognised entity following median sternotomy. Soft tissue reconstruction in the form of muscle flaps generally provides adequate wound stability; nevertheless, skeletal reconstruction of the anterior chest wall is sometimes necessary. We describe a novel technique applied in three patients for reconstructing fragments of the(More)
INTRODUCTION Keloid scars following median sternotomy are rare and occur more frequently in pigmented skin. Different management strategies have been described with variable success. We present a case of keloid scar formation following cardiac surgery including our management and the final aesthetic result. CASE DESCRIPTION A 64 year old female of fair(More)
The idea of myocardial revascularization by means of grafting the coronary venous system is more than a century old; in cases of diffuse coronary artery disease, this may represent a valid therapeutic option. We present a challenging case in which a patient with an aberrant left coronary system and unstable angina underwent this type of procedure with good(More)
Spontaneous rupture of the right ventricle during the early postoperative period is a serious and potentially lethal complication. The inherent friability of the ventricular tissue makes repair difficult since myocardium is frequently weakened by infarction, mediastinitis or trauma caused by an unstable sternum or broken sternal wires. We present a novel(More)
Primary malignant cardiac neoplasms are extremely rare. The occurrence of a malignant lymphoid tumour within a left atrial myxoma is highly atypical, with only one such case previously reported. Here, we describe a patient who presented with symptoms and signs of a left atrial myxoma. Subsequent specimen histology demonstrated the presence of lymphoma(More)
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