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Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are known to alter the normal urine composition which, in principle, can lead to changes in urine autofluorescence. This paper describes the study of human urine (normal and UTI) by using UV fluorescence excitation/emission matrices and synchronous spectra and proposes a method of diagnosing UTI without any sample(More)
Despite biological variability the spectral characteristics of undiluted human urine show relatively low autofluorescence at short UV (250-300nm) excitation. However with dilution the fluorescence intensity remarkably increases. This paper examines the mechanisms behind this effect, by using excitation-emission matrices. Corrections for the inner filter(More)
Treosulfan (l-threitol-1,4-di-methanesulfonate) is a prodrug of a bifunctional alkylating agent that is being used increasingly in pediatric bone marrow transplantation regimens. The activation pathway is a complex reaction, which consists of two consecutive reactions leading to epoxybutane derivatives which are responsible for DNA alkylation. A simple,(More)
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