Unni Rønneberg

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The present study seeks to elucidate the relationship between unawareness of illness in schizophrenia and frontal lobe dysfunction, in addition to investigating the relationship between lack of insight and sociodemographic and clinical variables. Twenty-one medicated schizophrenic patients, recruited from in- and out-patient wards at Ullevâl Hospital,(More)
BACKGROUND Level of insight and its relationship to clinical variables and neurocognitive functions was assessed in bipolar I patients. METHODS Verbal memory, executive functioning, sustained attention, general intelligence and other neurocognitive functions were compared between 37 chronic in- and outpatients and 31 matched normal controls. Detailed(More)
BACKGROUND Psychiatric institutions (hospitals and out-patient clinics) are obliged to report cases of suicide to the authorities, but it has not been known to what extent this obligation has been fulfilled. The Norwegian Board of Health Supervision wished to provide an overview of reporting frequencies, descriptions of the extent of the problem, reasons(More)
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