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MOTIVATION Commercial ultrasound machines in the past did not provide the ultrasound researchers access to raw ultrasound data. Lack of this ability has impeded evaluation and clinical testing of novel ultrasound algorithms and applications. OBJECTIVES Recently, we developed a flexible ultrasound back-end where all the processing for the conventional(More)
Palpation has been widely used to detect hard tumorous tissues surrounded by softer normal tissues. The goal of ultrasound tissue elasticity imaging is to extract information regarding tissue stiffness that is closely related to pathology. For this tissue elasticity imaging, compression is applied first, and the amount of resulting tissue deformation or(More)
Unsharp masking is a widely used image-enhancement method in medical imaging. Hardware-based solutions can be developed to support high computational demand for unsharp masking, but they suffer from limited flexibility. Software solutions can easily incorporate new features and modify key parameters, such as filtering kernel size, but they have not been(More)
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