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Over the last decade, embedded sensing systems have been successfully deployed in a range of application areas, from education and science to military and industry. These systems are becoming more robust, capable, and widely adopted. Yet today, most sensor networks function in isolated patches, each with different mechanisms to deliver data to their users,(More)
Today many individual deployments of sensornets are successful, but they will have much greater impact when, rather than standing alone, they share data across deployments so each can build upon the others. We expect data to be shared over the Internet, and as the number of processing and reprocessing steps grows, timely data synchronization is increasingly(More)
Vehicle traffic sensors are an essential part of urban traffic management systems. However, humans are still widely used when short-term traffic classification is required, because current traffic data collection systems do not meet requirements for high accuracy, rapid deployment, and low cost. This paper explores the use of a sensor network for vehicle(More)
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