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We present a hybrid method in which we classify music from a raw audio signal according to their spectral features, while maintaining the ability to assess similarities between any two pieces in the set of analyzed works. First we segment the audio file into discrete windows and create a vector of triplets respectively describing the spectral centroid, the(More)
The goal of this study is to improve my understanding of audio information retrieval, particularly of musical style classification. I have also included an experiment with my own music classification system which is still incomplete. Even though it is still at a rudimentary level (as well as a low-level implementation), the process of building the system(More)
I have summarized various articles related to feature extractors used in the field of audio information retrieval/classification. I have also included two experiments with Foote’s method on real musical pieces. Even though the analyses of these experiments are still in progress, this study has helped me in understanding the structural process of Foote's(More)
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