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Researchers have proposed weighted frequent itemset mining algorithms that reflect the importance of items. The main focus of weighted frequent itemset mining concerns satisfying the downward closure property. All weighted association rule mining algorithms suggested so far have been based on the Apriori algorithm. However, pattern growth algorithms are(More)
Sequential pattern mining algorithms have been developed which mine the set of frequent subsequences satisfying a minimum support constraint in a sequence database. However, previous sequential mining algorithms treat sequential patterns uniformly while sequential patterns have different importance. Another main problem in most of the sequence mining(More)
Pattern mining is a data mining technique used for discovering significant patterns and has been applied to various applications such as disease analysis in medical databases and decision making in business. Frequent pattern mining based on item frequencies is the most fundamental topic in the pattern mining field. However, it is difficult to discover the(More)
Top-k frequent pattern mining finds interesting patterns from the highest support to the k-th support. The approach can be effectively applied in numerous fields such as marketing, finance, bio-data analysis, and so on since it does not need constraints by a minimum support threshold. Top-k mining methods use the support of the k-th pattern, not a(More)