Unghui Lee

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This paper introduces an local path planning algorithm for the self-driving car in a complex environment. The proposed algorithm is composed of three parts: the novel path representation, the collision detection and the path modification using a voronoi cell. The novel path representation provides convenience for checking the collision and modifying the(More)
Recently, there have been significant advances in self-driving cars, which will play key roles in future intelligent transportation systems. In order for these cars to be successfully deployed on real roads, they must be able to autonomously drive along collision-free paths while obeying traffic laws. In contrast to many existing approaches that use(More)
The typical underground coal mine in Korea is an extremely harsh environment for workers due to high temperature, humidity, and harmful dusts. In such environment, a remotely operated robot can be of great help to alleviate the work load of miners. As a joint effort, KAIST, Hydraumatics Co., and Korea Coal Corporation have developed a mining robot and a(More)
TSR (Traffic Sign Recognition), a part of ADAS (Advanced Drive Assistance System), helps driver (or car) to recognize traffic signs ahead with using front camera. According to EURO NCAP rating policy, car should be able to warn the driver when the car's speed is above the set speed threshold. It is thought that various types of traffic sign should be(More)
We present a recursive path-planning method that efficiently generates a path by using reduced states of the search space and taking into account the kinematics, shape, and turning space of a car-like vehicle. Our method is based on a kinematics-aware node expansion method that checks for collisions based on the shape and turning space of a vehicle. We(More)
Autonomous driving technology has made significant advances in recent years. In order for self-driving cars to become practical, they are required to operate safely and reliably even under adverse driving conditions. However, most current autonomous driving cars have only been shown to be operational under amiable weather conditions, i.e., on sunny days on(More)
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