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UNLABELLED The integration-based genome database provides useful information through a user-friendly web interface that allows analysis of comparative genome for agricultural plants. We have concentrated on the functional bioinformatics of major agricultural resources, such as rice, Chinese cabbage, rice mutant lines, and microorganisms. The major functions(More)
The National Agricultural Biotechnology Information Center (NABIC) constructs an agricultural biology-based infrastructure and develops a biotechnological database. The NABIC has concentrated on doing functional genomics of major crops, building a database for agro-biotech information and creating a national management system for useful genetic resources.(More)
UNLABELLED The National Academy of Agricultural Science (NAAS) has developed a web-based marker database to provide information about SNP markers in rice. The database consists of three major functional categories: map viewing, marker searching and gene annotation. It provides 12,829 SNP markers information including gene location information on 12(More)
Anthocyanin is a major class of flavonoids that tissues produce in response to environmental signals. The pigmentation of colored rice was analyzed by oligo microarray based on two factors, cultivar and developmental stage. As many as 250 and 350 genes were identified to be significantly upand down-regulated. Using hypergeometric analysis for transcription(More)
The National Academy of Agricultural Science (NAAS) has developed a web-based database system (http:/ /nabic.naas.go.kr) to provide information about genetic markers in rice. A subscriber is assisted in tracing any new structures of the chromosome and gene positional functions through comparisons by using specific QTL markers. A genetic linkage map database(More)
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