Unaise Abdul Hameed

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BACKGROUND Previous studies in diverse ethnic groups have reported that progressive resistance training is effective for glycemic control. However, it is unknown whether this form of exercise therapy leads to clinically meaningful changes in metabolic, cardiovascular and anthropometric parameters in Asian Indians. AIM The study was designed to investigate(More)
An accumulating amount of evidence has linked humoral mediators of inflammation with sleep measures. Nevertheless, important details of this association, in particular the role of the complement components in the context of chronic sleep attributes, have remained largely uncharacterized. Fifty university students (age, 23.3 ± 3.8 years; BMI, 23.7 ± 2.9(More)
[Purpose] Forward walking (FW) and backward walking (BW) on a treadmill is a common tool for lower extremity rehabilitation in the clinical setting. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects on anaerobic performance and anthropometrical adaptations during FW and BW on a treadmill. [Subjects and Methods] A convenience sample of thirty healthy(More)
Received 04 June 2011 Revised 17 July 2011 Accepted 20 July 2011 Early online 21 July 2011 Print 31 July 2011 Exercise, along with medical nutrition therapy and pharmacological interventions, is an important component in the clinical management of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Current clinical guidelines on Type 2 diabetes provide no detailed information on the(More)
Delayed sleep-phase syndrome (DSPS) is characterized by delayed sleep onset against the desired clock time. It often presents with symptoms of sleep-onset insomnia or difficulty in awakening at the desired time. We report the finding of sleep studies after 24 h total sleep deprivation (TSD) in a 28-year-old DSPS male patient. He had characteristics of mild(More)
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