Umut H. Toprak

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Primitive neuroectodermal tumors of the central nervous system (CNS-PNETs) are highly aggressive, poorly differentiated embryonal tumors occurring predominantly in young children but also affecting adolescents and adults. Herein, we demonstrate that a significant proportion of institutionally diagnosed CNS-PNETs display molecular profiles indistinguishable(More)
The circadian clock and the cell cycle are major cellular systems that organize global physiology in temporal fashion. It seems conceivable that the potentially conflicting programs are coordinated. We show here that overexpression of MYC in U2OS cells attenuates the clock and conversely promotes cell proliferation while downregulation of MYC strengthens(More)
Felix Sahm1,2 · Umut H. Toprak3 · Daniel Hübschmann3,4,5 · Kortine Kleinheinz3 · Ivo Buchhalter3 · Martin Sill6 · Damian Stichel2 · Matthias Schick7 · Melanie Bewerunge‐Hudler7 · Daniel Schrimpf1,2 · Gelareh Zadeh8,9 · Ken Aldape8,10 · Christel Herold‐Mende11 · Katja Beck12 · Ori Staszewski13 · Marco Prinz13,14 · Carmit Ben Harosh15 · Roland Eils3,4,12 ·(More)
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