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PURPOSE To present 4 patients that developed hemorrhagic retinal infarction attributable to inadvertent overdose of cefuroxime after cataract surgery. DESIGN Case series. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Surgery in 4 patients was complicated-the posterior capsule was absent or torn-and anterior vitrectomy was performed. Cefuroxime was inadvertently injected at a(More)
PURPOSE To determine the distribution of central corneal thickness (CCT) and intraocular pressure (IOP) in a population of Turkish school children and to evaluate the relationships between these values and both age and gender. METHODS A total of 30,320 eyes from 15,160 healthy school children aged 5-18 years were examined. CCT and IOP were measured using(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the prevalence of refractive errors and other eye diseases, incidence and types of amblyopia in school-aged children, and their relation to gender, age, parental education, and socioeconomic factors. METHODS A total of 21,062 children 6 to 14 years old were screened. The examination included visual acuity measurements and ocular(More)
Cataract is considered to be the primary reason for curable blindness that is caused by progressive loss of lens transparency and affects millions of people around the world. This study aims to analyze the changes in morphometric qualities of bulbus oculi (BO) as well as its morphometric measurements such as anterior chamber depth (ACD), lens thickness(More)
To describe a simple and effective technique for the prevention of pterygium recurrence. This is a retrospective consecutive single-center case series with recurrence rate as the main outcome measure. Dissection of the conjunctiva, the Tenon’s layer, and the sclera was continued up to the insertion of medial rectus. The exposed Tenon’s layer was excised for(More)
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