Umit Topaloglu

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Drug-related adverse events pose substantial risks to patients who consume post-market or Drug-related adverse events pose substantial risks to patients who consume post-market or investigational drugs. Early detection of adverse events benefits not only the drug regulators, but also the manufacturers for pharmacovigilance. Existing methods rely on(More)
BACKGROUND The popularity of social networks has triggered a number of research efforts on network analyses of research collaborations in the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) community. Those studies mainly focus on the general understanding of collaboration networks by measuring common network metrics. More fundamental questions about(More)
Comprehensive capture of Adverse Events (AEs) is crucial for monitoring for side effects of a therapy while assessing efficacy. For cancer studies, the National Cancer Institute has developed the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE) as a required standard for recording attributes and grading AEs. The AE assessments should be part of the(More)
BACKGROUND Biobanks are a critical resource for translational science. Recently, semantic web technologies such as ontologies have been found useful in retrieving research data from biobanks. However, recent research has also shown that there is a lack of data about the administrative aspects of biobanks. These data would be helpful to answer(More)
Creating a secure framework for mobile agents that leverage such an efficient tool’s usage is yet to be found [Farmer WM, Guttman JD, Swarup V (1996) Proceedings of the 19th national information systems security conference, Tardo J, Valente L (1996) Mobile agent security and telescript, IEEE CompCon]. There are some available approaches to prevent(More)
Instant messaging (IM) is becoming an integral part of social as well as business life. The main concern with IM systems is that the information being transmitted is easily accessible. Although some protection could be achieved with the use of a secure tunneling (i.e. VPN etc.), they do not provide end-to-end secrecy. Off-the-record (OTR) is a protocol(More)
The current trend of computer technology is towards secure computation and communication between parties which requires strong cryptography algorithms, especially with agent based issues. Since random number generators are the main constituents of such algorithms and autonomous actions, they are required to be fast and adequately secure. Although there are(More)
To grow beyond certain size and reach oxygen and other essential nutrients, solid tumors trigger angiogenesis (neovascularization) by secreting various growth factors. Based on this fact, several researches proposed that density of newly formed vessels correlate with tumor malignancy. Vessel density is known as a true prognostic indicator for several types(More)
BACKGROUND Solid tumors residing in tissues and organs leave footprints in circulation through circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and circulating tumor DNAs (ctDNA). Characterization of the ctDNA portraits and comparison with tumor DNA mutational portraits may reveal clinically actionable information on solid tumors that is traditionally achieved through more(More)
Color is the most critical information for assessing histological images. However, in literature, there is no standard color space in which a particular color points are represented for computer vision tasks. In this paper, we evaluated 11 color models with three different learning schemas for their performance in classifying tumor-related colors. The color(More)