Umit S. Bititci

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Begins by creating a vision for dynamic performance measurement systems and goes on to describe the background to the work. Develops a model for integrated and dynamic performance measurement systems. Provides a critical review of existing frameworks, models and techniques against the model. Identifies that current knowledge and techniques are sufficiently(More)
Structured Abstract Purpose of this paper: The purpose of this research paper is to demonstrate how existing performance measurement may be adopted to measure and manage performance in extended enterprises. Methodology: The paper reviews the literature in performance measurement and extended enterprises. It explains the collaborative architecture of an(More)
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The objective of this paper is to provide a metric that could be used to define success in a collaborative network. The metric shows three kinds of measurements that might influence the success of collaborative networks. This paper contributes to the body of knowledge by developing a methodology for measuring partners' contribution, involvement and outcome(More)
This paper starts by asking two questions; In order to create and sustain competitive advantage through collaborative systems WHAT should we be managing? and HOW should we be managing it? It introduces the Competitive Business Structure and reviews some of the global trends in manufacturing and business, which leads to focus on Manage Processes, Value(More)
1. Introduction It is now an accepted fact that in the 21 st century competition will be between networks of organisations and individuals, which efficiently and effectively integrate their competencies and resources in order to compete in a global economy (Bititci et al, 2004). Similarly the SME'2000 conference, which was held in Bologna, concluded that "(More)