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This paper aims to clarify terminological differences that have arisen between two different field studies of gelada baboons (Theropithecus gelada). First, a comparison of age classifications is made to show the physical correspondences between the two sets of classes. Second, the social system of the gelada baboon is outlined and the terms used to refer to(More)
A new population of gelada baboons isolated from other known gelada populations living on the opposite side of the Rift Valley was found in 1989 in the Arsi region of Ethiopia (Mori &Belay, 1990). Subsequent observations were conducted on the new gelada population in three study periods of 16 to 55 days over three consecutive years, 1994–1996. When we(More)
Multilevel social systems have evolved in several species of cercopithecoid primates and appear to be an effective means of changing group size amid variation in environmental conditions. Larger groupings of these species fission and fuse, making intraunit relationships essential to maintain the integrity of the smallest social units. We examine these(More)
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