Umesh Vivekananda

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We describe a 33 year old man with a severe vasculitis causng a profound axonal neuropathy and brainstem syndrome. The atient became unresponsive and lost all movement and braintem reflexes. The EEG showed poorly reactive rhythms suggesting lobal cortical dysfunction. The clinical signs were compatible with rainstem death except that an irreversible cause(More)
Dural arteriovenous fistulae (DAF) occur both intracranially and ntraspinally, and account for 10–15% of all vascular malformaions [1]. They frequently present a diagnostic challenge. Once dentified, approaches to management include embolisation or surical excision of the fistula. This can provide improvement and ven complete resolution of symptoms, with a(More)
BACKGROUND The aetiology of apparently sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is unknown, but prenatal factors are known to influence disease development. In both men and women, motor neurons require testosterone for survival and axonal regeneration after injury, and androgen insensitivity leads to a form of motor neuron degeneration in men. Reduction(More)
OBJECTIVE To define the outcome in cases of cystic hygroma diagnosed from a routine obstetric population. METHOD This was a retrospective study of 42 cases of fetal cystic hygroma detected at 11 to 23 weeks' gestation in a routine obstetric population of 25 352 pregnancies. Fetal cystic hygroma was categorized according to position, severity, presence of(More)