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In some recent studies, diffusion weighted functional MRI has been proposed to provide contrast immune to vascular changes. Increases in relative signal change during neuronal activation observed under increasing diffusion weighting support the possible diffusion based origin of this contrast. A recent diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) study has also reported(More)
Imaging techniques that provide detailed insights into structural tissue changes after stroke can vitalize development of treatment strategies and diagnosis of disease. Diffusion-weighted MRI has been playing an important role in this regard. Diffusion kurtosis imaging (DKI), a recent addition to this repertoire, has opened up further possibilities in(More)
The pattern of vascular remodelling in relation to recovery after stroke remains largely unclear. We used steady-state contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging to assess the development of cerebral blood volume and microvascular density in perilesional and exofocal areas from (sub)acutely to chronically after transient stroke in rats. Microvascular(More)
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