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The surprisal of a word on a probabilistic grammar constitutes a promising complexity metric for human sentence comprehension difficulty. Using two different grammar types, surprisal is shown to have an effect on fixation durations and regression probabilities in a sample of German readers’ eye movements, the Potsdam Sentence Corpus. A linear mixed-effects(More)
A production study is presented that investigates the effects of word order and information structural context on the prosodic realization of declarative sentences in Hindi. Previous work on Hindi intonation has shown that: (i) non-final content words bear rising pitch accents (Moore 1965, Dyrud 2001, Nair 1999); (ii) focused constituents show greater pitch(More)
Recently Phillips, Wagers & Lau (2009) have claimed that reflexives are immune to interference from structurally inaccessible antecedents (e.g. ‘Fred’ in (1a) as against the accessible antecedent ‘soldier’) because antecedents are retrieved using only structural cues without considering the person, gender and number features. The support for this claim is(More)
It has been proposed that in online sentence comprehension the dependency between a reflexive pronoun such as himself/herself and its antecedent is resolved using exclusively syntactic constraints. Under this strictly syntactic search account, Principle A of the binding theory-which requires that the antecedent c-command the reflexive within the same clause(More)
Individuals with agrammatic Broca's aphasia experience difficulty when processing reversible non-canonical sentences. Different accounts have been proposed to explain this phenomenon. The Trace Deletion account (Grodzinsky, 1995, 2000, 2006) attributes this deficit to an impairment in syntactic representations, whereas others (e.g., Caplan, Waters, Dede,(More)
This paper presents a new way to compute the Delaunay triangulation of a planar set P of n points, using sweep-circle technique combined with the standard recursive edge-flipping. The algorithm sweeps the plane by an increasing circle whose center is a fixed point in the convex hull of P. Empirical results and comparisons show that it reduces the number of(More)
A Zn-exchanged heteropolyacid supported onto silica (Zn-HPW/SiO2) activates methane at 25 °C into Zn-methyl. At higher temperatures and with CH4/O2 or CH4/CO2, it gives methanol and acetic acid respectively.
Now a day is very important to maintain a high level security to keep information safe and secure between different organizations. The data communication over internet is always under threat of intrusions and misuses. Thus the intrusion Detection Systems have become a need in network security. Fuzzy logic and Genetic Algorithm are two techniques that can(More)
This paper introduces two hybrid image enhancement methods "Weighted of Local and Bidirectional Smooth Histogram Stretching" (WLBSHS) and "Local then Bidirectional Smooth Histogram Stretching" (LBSHS). Both methods are almost same and based on local and global enhancement. WLBSHS utilizing local and global enhancement in weighted manner,(More)
Patients with aphasia frequently experience difficulties in comprehending reversible non-canonical sentences such as 'The son was washed by the father', where the positions of the agent ('the father') and the theme ('the son') are interchanged. This difficulty is reflected in other reversible non-canonical structures as well. However, they do not face much(More)